As it’s getting close to launch day for “Miles Apart”, my third novel, I thought I’d treat you all to a little teaser. Click the link below the passage to check out the blurb etc over at the Ylva Publishing website, and put August 16th in your diaries as the day to click the “Add to Basket” button! 

Miles Apart – a lesbian romance that asks the interesting questions, not the easy ones.


Excerpt from “Miles Apart”:

The text from Terri made Alex’s blood boil—heat of a most unpleasant kind rippled through her skin, her heart rate accelerating along with it.

Sorry. Deal taking longer than we thought. Won’t make counselling. Don’t wait up.

Before she could filter it, her anger had her swiping open the message and pressing the Call Back icon. She didn’t actually know what she’d do if Terri answered or not, but she didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Hey,” Terri said, her voice way cheerier than Alex wanted to hear. She wanted remorse and discomfort, and the lack of both in her partner’s tone had her free hand clutching painfully at the edge of her desk.

“Seriously, Terri? This is the third time you’ve cancelled counselling. What am I supposed to do now?” She managed to keep the volume of her voice low, but her words were clipped and spat from between her lips.

“Oh, come on, give me a break! You know what my job’s like. You know how quickly things can change in a day.” Terri’s voice had risen and it sounded incredibly loud in Alex’s ear, making her tremble as her anger transformed into agitation.

Confrontation was not Alex’s natural style, and she was suddenly struggling with the bad energy between them. Her usual need to smooth things over was overcoming her anger. Yes, she did know how fast-paced Terri’s job was, and how her days often careened off-track. It was a big part of what had got them into this mess in the first place. Exhaling slowly, and rolling her head to try to ease the sudden tightness in her neck and shoulders, she paused before speaking again.

“You just don’t make this any easier, you know.”

There was silence. Then, “I could say the same to you.”

The words hit Alex like a verbal slap. She inhaled sharply, but before she could retort, Terri jumped in.

“I don’t want to argue. Quite frankly, I don’t have time.” Her tone held a finality that brooked no argument. “I’m sorry about the counselling. I’ll get home as soon as I can, but like I said, don’t wait up.”

“Fine.” Alex hung up before she said something she’d really regret and carefully placed her phone back on her desk. Leaning back in her chair, she closed her eyes.

So Terri was bailing on their counselling again. Alex couldn’t stop the acid churning in her stomach at how…coldly Terri had written off their session.

Her teeth ground as she bit back the string of expletives queueing up to escape her mouth. While anger was still her overriding emotion, she opened her eyes as she acknowledged the other strong feeling coursing through her.



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