I’ve got some exciting news to share and it’s all about freebies – and we all love freebies, right?

I’ve just published a free short story here on my website – this is something new I’m playing with, intending to publish three or four free stories a year. The stories will be sexy, romantic, sweet, hot – I’ll play with different themes and ideas, and generally just have fun writing them.

The first one, by popular demand, is a follow-up to my Goldie-award winning debut, ‘The Club’.

Click on the Free Short Stories option from the menu above to download a PDF of the story ‘Max’. And if you haven’t read ‘The Club’, take a look anyway at this erotic short that I am sure will entice you to read the whole book

5 thoughts on “Free Short Stories!

  1. Hey, Max was a bloody great addition to The Club,it needs slapping on Goodreads so it can be rated, what would be fantastic would be a book featuring Mandy (age-gap) kind of thing “wink wink” 😉


  2. Hi, I love interracial romance and up on the roof gave a nice example of one. However, you gave me, the readers, a taste of something that could be juicier with the side story of Jen and Alisha. Is there a book in the works for them?


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