The Cons are on!

Fresh from the excitement and fun of attending my first big literary event back in November, the DIVA Literary Festival, I’m delighted to announce that I will be attending two other major events this year where you can meet me, get a signed copy of one of my books, and let me thank you profusely for following me in my nascent career as a writer of f/f fiction.

The 4th of July will see me in Las Vegas – oh yes, I’m off to the GCLS conference! Beyond excited about this, having heard so many wonderful, positive, affirming stories from writers and readers alike about what an amazing annual event this is.

Ylva Publishing will have a stall there, which I’ll be womanning along with Jae, so it would be wonderful if any of you who are going could come and track me down to say hello. We’ll have lots of books on sale, and both Jae and I will be doing signings and more than likely some giveaways too. By then my latest novel, ‘Up on the Roof’, will be out (publication date is March 7th), so I’ll have plenty of paperbacks of that with me for anyone who wants a signed copy.

I must confess, I’m intrigued to see Vegas – it’s one of those places that I’ve been in two minds about visiting, so now I have the perfect opportunity to see what it’s really like. And maybe take that helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon I’ve always imagined doing…!

Then in August, which I am super-excited about, Europe gets its inaugural lesfic conference! Taking place at The Watershed down on Bristol’s harbourside district, ELLCon2018 will take place over 23/24 August, with workshops and panels, stalls, signings and I’m sure lots of fun. It’s so wonderful to have something like this launch on our side of the pond, giving UK and European readers and writers a chance to gather and share what we love. Big shout out to Zara, Valden, and everyone else behind setting this up. Note that EarlyBird tickets are on sale as we speak (Jan) so get in quick for the reduced rate!

On top of all that, I will probably be at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October with Ylva again, and who knows what Pride events I might pop up at through the year too…

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