Beyond excited about this one! This was a story I’d had in mind for over three years and all the strands finally came together in my imagination during NaNoWriMo of Nov 2017. The words flew onto the pages and after working with a great editor, we’re nearly ready to go!

‘Write Your Own Script’ is my sixth novel, and it’ll be available on the Ylva Publishing web shop from early April, and Amazon etc from two weeks after that. Check out the blurb below and add this one to your ‘must-have’ list.

I loved telling Tamsyn and Maggie’s story and I hope you will love reading it. Oh, and there’s a rather cute dog in the story, too – his name is Gizmo, and he was inspired by a friend’s pet. Everyone, meet Dobby❤️

“Beloved famous British actress Tamsyn Harris is in her early fifties and works hard to prove she’s still got “it”, despite her age. That means never revealing she’s a lesbian, for fear it would threaten her acclaimed career. After an on-set incident blows up, she disappears to a retreat to lay low for a while.

Maggie Cooper is a successful author with two pseudonyms and suffering from burn out. It’s hard enough trying to maintain both worlds, let alone keep them separate from real life. After checking herself into a retreat in Norfolk, the last thing she expects to find is the respected, beautiful actress she’s had a crush on her whole life.

As passion sweeps them up, they agree it can only be a holiday fling. But is that enough? Can they just return to their lives and leave each other behind?

A sizzling lesbian romance about finding out what’s important in life.”


Coming April 2019 from Ylva Publishing

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