Oh my, it’s only a few weeks now until Write Your Own Script is published! So I thought it might be fun to share a little snippet with you from chapter one, just to whet your appetite…


God, I’m so tired. She knew it was all self-inflicted, but she couldn’t seem to stop the momentum of what she’d started two years previously. Turning fifty had affected her in more ways than she’d anticipated, and none of them good. A fear of what the future could entail for an actress her age had suddenly consumed her, and she’d been battling against it ever since, taking on more and more, insisting on doing ever more physical roles, trying to prove to herself and the rest of the world—which was extraordinarily fickle when it came to its love of celebrities—that she was still a viable force.

It had worn her down, and she knew that deep down inside, but she couldn’t seem to admit it openly. Carmen had expressed concern only a few weeks ago, and Tamsyn had brushed her off. Today, however, facing the rainstorm scene, her arms already aching from the multiple re-takes they’d done of the canyon scene the day before, Tamsyn wondered if she shouldn’t actually listen to her agent once in a while.

She smiled at the crew as she passed them. She had always made a point of being approachable, remembering her early days in the business when she’d seen some of the top stars treat the crew like something less than human, and vowing never to stoop that low. The smiles she received in return always made her feel good.

“You’re late,” Don snapped, his voice loud across the enclosed set. He wasn’t even looking at her, just standing with his arms folded across his broad chest, gaze on a cameraman moving his rig into position.

“Sorry,” she replied, breezily professional over the subsurface tension. “I was in make-up.”

“Trust me,” Don snipped, finally looking over, then looking her up and down, “there isn’t enough make-up in the world to hide how old you are. But don’t worry, love, we’ll use a soft-focus lens.”

Her brain went into deep-freeze; her mouth wouldn’t function. Her simmering anger suddenly threatened to boil over. Melinda giggled as she strolled over to where Don stood. That was the flame, and the satisfied smirk on Don’s face as he realised how much his comment had hit home was the touch paper.

A large cup of orange juice sat on a high table behind the sound boom, close to where she was standing. Her arm moved almost without thought to grab it and, in one smooth motion, fling its contents straight into his face.

“Fuck you,” she snarled, before turning on her heel and walking serenely off set.


Write Your Own Script – a sizzling lesbian romance about finding out what’s important in life


Write Your Own Script will be available directly from Ylva Publishing in April 2019, and from Amazon and other online stores two weeks after the Ylva release date.


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