I’ve been really fortunate this year with the time I’ve had available to write. Since moving to Germany in January I’ve not yet gone back to full-time work (although that may change soon), so I decided to make the most of the break and focus on two things: my writing, and learning German. The German lessons are going great, but the writing’s got a little out of control – in a really good way!

Okay, brace yourselves – in the next year you’re going to see not one, not two, but THREE new books from me! I know, I know, you’ll be sick of me, haha… But seriously, it’s been amazing to be able to write almost full-time. So many words have been stored on my MacBook, and so many lovely (at least, I think so) new characters have been created.

So what can you expect to read? Well….

First up, out in Feb 2020, is something VERY different from my usual books. I’m not giving too much away at the moment but I’ll just mention one word: Superheroes. Although not conventional superheroes, not in any way, shape or form. Hee hee hee… We’ll be doing a cover reveal for that soon so watch out for it on social media.

Then, one in the middle of 2020 and one at the end, are two more contemporary romances. The first features Carmen, who was Tamsyn’s agent in ‘Write Your Own Script’, and it’s a late-coming-out story. Carmen’s world is about to be turned upside down by Ash, a gorgeous tattooist…

The second romance will star Jenny, who was Adrienne’s assistant in ‘The Long Shot’. Jenny’s company gets taken over and now she’s going to be working with a British ice queen, Olivia. Things will get a little ‘testy’, shall we say…

In other news, ‘The Long Shot’ will be turned into an audiobook! Not sure of release date yet, or narrator, but as soon as I hear, I’ll share. And ‘Up On The Roof’ is going to be translated into German – should be out at the end of 2020, and I’m so looking forward to being able to read it. By that time I might just know enough German to actually do so, haha!

Finally, a little reminder that iHeartLesfic are running a massive giveaway this month (November 2019) – click this link to find out how to enter and be in with a chance of winning a 20 e-book bundle. Yep, one winner = 20 e-books, and one of them is a copy of ‘Write Your Own Script’ by moi. So go enter!

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