Woo hoo! Paperbacks of Never Too Late for Heroes arrived today and I’m sooooo excited!

And because I’m excited, I’m doing a giveaway just in time for the launch (release date March 4th at Ylva, March 18th at Amazon etc).

Two lucky winners will each receive a signed paperback of the book, plus a ridiculously cute and fabulous superhero keychain, as shown in the pic below. The giveaway is open to all – I’ll post anywhere in the world.

How do I enter, you ask? Easy – comment below and let me know either who is your favourite female superhero, or what superpower you’d love to have. It’ll be fun to hear your answers!

I’d say for me Wonder Woman is my favourite – I grew up watching the TV series starring Lynda Carter. It was full of crappy special effects and her outfit was questionable, but she and her kickass ways certainly helped the young A. L. Brooks know that boys really weren’t her thing 😂. And the remakes starring Gal Gadot are brilliant.

I’ll pick two winners at random at 8am CET Tuesday 3rd March

Good luck everyone!


To buy an e-book copy of Never Too Late for Heroes, click here


65 thoughts on “Heroes Giveaway!

  1. Wonder Woman!! I love watching Lynda Carter back in the day and she’s hot! Now they have Gal Gadot who’s even hotter! 🥰 I would love to live in that tropical island and have Super power with the Lasso!

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  2. I would love to be able to see through other people’s eyes, both in the literal and more empathic sense. In a pragmatic way I always wonder if what I consider the colour red (for example) literally looks different through someone else’s eyes. In a more ineffable way I wonder what it feels like to be someone else, why we can look at the same events and interpret them so differently, or have such different world views.
    Technically not a super hero, but the Bionic Woman (Lindsay Wagner) was one of my big girl crushes. Wonder Woman was the next in line!

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