June is, apparently, Audiobook Appreciation Month. I didn’t actually know that when I sat down to write this blog, but it’s a very happy coincidence!

I’ve been a big fan of audiobooks ever since I first discovered them about three years ago, and my library has rapidly grown. I generally use my one-a-month free credit from Audible, but I have also purchased additional credits when I just can’t wait to add another listen to my library. For me, there can be something completely absorbing about the way a narrator transfers the words from the pages to a live-sounding situation. Some narrators are obviously better than others, but I do believe we fans of wlw fiction are blessed with some great ones. I know I have my favourites, and I’m sure you do too.

But outside of wlw, there are others I can recommend – Derek Jacobi doing A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is magical; Gail Honeyman reading the sublime Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine will blow you away; and Juanita McMahon’s range in Fingersmith by Sarah Waters is astonishing.

2020 has seen the first of my novels to be turned into an audiobook: The Long Shot, released in March 2020, and Melissa Moran did a fantastic job with it.

I must admit, I was almost too scared to listen to it when it came out, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, how would it actually sound having someone read my words aloud, along with all the acting required to play all the roles – would my story sound interesting/plausible/fun/sexy?? Secondly, would she do the voices right? Would her interpretation of Adrienne, Morgan, Bree, Harry, etc, all sound ‘right’?

Of course, there is no right or wrong, it’s all about what each of us hear in our own heads, but I was so happy to hear the way she played them all. It was honestly a thrill listening to it from start to finish.

More good news:

And I’m now equally thrilled to announce that two more of my novels will reach your ears this year too – Never Too Late for Heroes will be out on July 28th, and Up on the Roof on September 15th!

The incredible Abby Crayden will fill our ears with the exploits of the Power women, Geena, and her sidekick Leigh, and I’m pretty certain that is going to be awesome.

And, new to wlw narration I believe, Justine Eyre will be narrating Megan and Lena’s bumbling attempts to live together without hating each other. Justine comes from a TV and theatre background so I’m really keen to see what she brings to the experience.

I hope you’ll make sure you keep a credit free for these when they are available 😉. Happy listening!



The Long Shot audiobook can be purchased from Amazon, Audible or iTunes.

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