Here we go, folks – the third book released by me in 2020!

A Heart to Trust is a contemporary romance set in New York which stars one of the secondary characters from The Long Shot. If you haven’t read the latter, don’t worry, you can still read this one as a standalone!

Here’s the blurb for A Heart to Trust:

What happens when you find out your stuck-up, blissfully straight colleague may be none of those things? A delicious enemies-to-lovers, lesbian workplace romance.

Change is not Jenny Quinn’s strong suit, but she’s happy enough with her easy-going life, friends, and job as a TV production assistant. That is until a company shake-up foists the infuriating Olivia Sinclair on her. The woman is uptight, snobby, and has some perfect and famous motor-racing husband.

TV and theater producer Olivia moved to New York from the UK to marry her longtime friend. It’s a sham marriage, a favor to a man she loves as a brother, but the strain is beginning to take its toll. How can she even meet women when she’s the picture of heterosexual bliss?

Add in her stressful new job, an irritating colleague called Jenny, who thinks being goofy is some kind of admirable work ethic, and life can be a grind some days.

The worst part isn’t the office politics or clashing personalities, but the fact there’s an attraction between both women that’s gradually becoming impossible to ignore.

So…should they stop ignoring it?

That would mean learning to trust your heart that this is the right woman. And that’s a huge step.


Release date Oct 21st at Ylva Publishing, Nov 4th on Amazon

6 thoughts on “Cover reveal – A Heart to Trust out soon!

      1. Ah. Yay, thanks for answering. Wow, what a nice surprise… Well it was worth it. I genuinely could not put the book away, plus it was an enormous distraction from feeling very poorly. I’ve have taken on reading quite a lot lately, it helps a lot through this crazy times. I just began reading another of your books; the long shot, so I hope I won’t developed big dark bags under my eyes haha. Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

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  1. Thanks, already mended and back on track. I just finished the Long Shot, and LOVED IT! And yes, for part of it I ended staying up late again lol… hmm, but couldn’t help it, I had to carry on reading haha. I loved the characters, especially Adrienne, and I can see why, considering I read the books in wrong order, the age gap. Sexy! There is an age gap (16years) between my partner and I, me on the younger side. I felt the worries and concerns of the issue, experienced it. Plus my dad has some subtle similitude to Morgan’s, so felt that to an extent too lol . So yeah, I loved it and how it ended hehe. Thanks for a lovely read. 🙂

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