Hey everyone! It’s Book-Release Eve for The Club Revisited – woo hoo! Always a night filled with equal parts excitement and trepidation 😁

Tomorrow, October 20th, sees the release of The Club Revisited, the—dare I say—long-awaited sequel to my award-winning debut, The Club. Although I’ve written a couple of books that sort of followed on from previous novels (Dare to Love following a secondary character from Write Your Own Script, and A Heart to Trust following a secondary character from The Long Shot), The Club Revisited is the first true sequel I’ve written. It’s set in the same 🔥🔥🔥-filled space, of course, and features Mandy, the owner of the club, as well as a couple of her staff from the first book. However, all the clients who visit the club are new from last time around.

Here’s the blurb:

Lesbian erotica sizzles in this return to The Club, where the clients watch and make love to each other in the UK’s sexiest women-only nightclub.

Welcome back to The Club. The rules are the same but the players have changed.

Mandy still runs her unique nightclub. These days she’s ready to bring love and passion back into her own life, but finding it? Well, maybe the universe has a sense of humour. Lindsey has come out late in life and is looking for a confidence boost, and a club regular is only too happy to help her out. Caitlin would love to test her limits after being shamed by an ex for her desires. Jody thinks no one will want to be intimate with her again after a tragic accident left her body forever changed. Her best friend Kris has other ideas. Joanna and Suzanne have been together for years. They’re still in love but something’s missing. Maybe The Club can help add some zest to the bedroom? Laura has overcome most of her grief from losing her wife, but wonders if she still has it in her to be intimate with someone.

Whatever they need, they can find. Anonymity, sweetness, sexiness, and unexpected opportunities abound at The Club, as Mandy watches over them all.

So why did I write a sequel to this particular book? Well, lots of people nagged me to 🙄 😂

But seriously, it’s partly that – the love so many people had for my little debut was quite astounding to me, a new author. And so many of them wished to read more, especially after the cliff-hanger I left them with at the end of the first one. No spoilers to those who haven’t read that one yet, but it was the biggest thing people asked about whenever they mentioned wanting a sequel. That and more of the all-round hotness of the sexy interactions between the clients at the club 😉

And to be honest, as soon as I’d finished writing the first book, I think I always knew I’d one day come back to that secretive club hidden down a side street somewhere in Manchester. I did it briefly in 2017, with the free short story, Max, which you can find here. This takes one of the characters from the first book and places her in her own mini-sequel. If you’re new to world of The Club, you could read that as a standalone to, um, get you in the mood, so to speak.

I love writing erotica, and sex scenes in general, and even after indulging myself with the story about Max, I was pretty sure I could come up with a whole new set of possibilities for clients at the club. Sure enough, in the last quarter of 2020 my imagination all of a sudden returned to that club I’d invented five years previously. Within days I had the entire book mapped out—characters, situations, positions (ahem). And I also knew exactly how to take Mandy’s story forward, which was always an important consideration for any sequel I imagined. Equally important, I had a set of completely fresh ideas for sexual interactions between like-minded women. One of the things that had been key for me when considering a sequel was not to be repetitive—if I was going to write it, each scene had to bring something new, a dynamic or position or desire, that had not been in the first book.

After taking my time to research certain aspects of the book, I wrote the sequel in about 6 weeks! It just flowed out of my brain. It’s not as long as the first, (50000 words versus 72000) but that felt okay too for the characters and their stories. But then I got a hit of the heebie-jeebies—what if it wasn’t as good as the first book 😱? I didn’t want to ‘sully’ the first one by writing a rubbish sequel. So before I even mentioned to my publisher that it might be coming their way, I sent it off to a select few people to beta read, people who I knew would be very honest with me about its potential. I was both thrilled and relieved when they all resoundingly said words along the lines of, “Oh my God this is so good you have to get it published!!!”

So, here we are. The book is out tomorrow, I’m super proud of it, and I really think it does The Club justice. I hope you do too 😉

The Club Revisited is available direct from Ylva Publishing from October 20th, 2021, and on Amazon KU worldwide from November 3rd, 2021 (links to follow)

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