Hello to 2022

Happy New Year! There’s lots I could say about 2021 but I’m going to stick with the positives 😂:

I published one book, The Club Revisited, the long-wanted sequel to The Club. It’s had rave reviews already, and is still available on Kindle Unlimited for the rest of January, if you want to give it a shot.

Dare to Love got translated into German (Die Liebe wagen) and was hugely successful, hitting #1 on amazon.de with pre-sales alone!

I finished the edits on my next romance, Chasing Dreams, which will be out in March. The cover reveal will be done shortly and, honestly, I LOVE IT and can’t wait for you all to see it.

I wrote many thousands of words in my next romance, Make Her Wish Come True, and although I’m still writing many words, the end is definitely in sight. That one comes out in 2023.

Dare to Love was a Runner Up in the Rainbow Awards, which I am very proud of, especially in such a tough category (Contemporary Romance) full of amazing books.

And The Club Revisited won the I ❤️ Lesfic Book of the Month in November in the Erotica category.

I achieved Book Penguin level in Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge. Totes proud of that.

And, bestest of all, in July I asked my partner Tanja to marry me, and she said YES – yippeeeee! ❤️❤️❤️

So, apart from Chasing Dreams, what’s else is happening in 2022? Well, it’s good you asked…

In February I’ll be one of the guests for The Lesbian Review’s Sexy Reads event, which runs from the 18th to the 20th. Get your tickets and more details here.

My next book translated into German will be out later this year, and it’s Write Your Own Script.  Delighted that German speakers get to read all about Tamsyn and Maggie—and Gizmo of course!

Some of my books will be featured in two fabulous fun reading games/challenges throughout the year. Jae is running a new version of her book bingo, and I ❤️ Lesfic have their reading challenge on the go too. I love how these events generate so much interest and love for the world of sapphic fiction—and I especially love how ready we are as a community to give new authors, and more diverse voices, a chance.

As for what I’m writing next—well, that’s still to be decided. I’m playing with another erotic story, something a bit different that I have as a kind of fun, side project. Let’s see what happens with that. And I have about fifteen ideas for new novels, so I guess I will see what mood I’m in after sending Make Her Wish Come True off to my beta readers 😁

Oh, and I’m getting married in July, so I might be a little distracted from writing that month…😍

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6 thoughts on “Hello to 2022

  1. My warmest congratulations on your upcoming wedding❣️
    I love all your books and especially „the Club – Books and Dare to Love“ 😍 Next I’m reading Dark Horse and Never too late for Heroes.
    All the best for 2022.
    Stay safe and happy 😊

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  2. Happy New Year. And it will be a wonderful one, as you get to marry your love Tanja. Congratulations to both of you. I wish you all the best, have a wonderful wedding and a long and happy life together ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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