Happy New Year! Is it me or do they roll around a little quicker each year?! Anyway, I hope 2023 will be very good to all of you.

Already the year is off to a great start for us lovers of all things sapphic fiction related, as we have not one, but TWO awesome reading challenges in which to take part!

Firstly, Jae has launched the next of her reading challenges, the 2023 Sapphic Book Bingo. As with the previous versions, there’s two sets of categories that books can fall under, with the Unicorn set of categories offering books in those more difficult to find themes. I’ve created a page of graphics to show where each of mine would fit, including my yet-to-be-released 13th novel (yes, 13!!!) Make Her Wish Come True, which will be out in October.

What’s also running this year, and is also super exciting, is the I Heart SapphFic (IHS) Reading Challenge. This is enormous, with over 2000 books in 100 categories. Each week will feature 2 categories with a list of recommended books for each (many of which will be on sale – woo hoo!). Along with the categories there’ll be monthly Amazon gift card giveaways, weekly ebook giveaways, and weekly author trivia questions in the IHS Reader Facebook group. Join the fun, read some good books, and make friends in their IHS reader Facebook group. Click here for more information. Some of mine will hopefully pop up during the year, but honestly, the field is full of awesomeness, so read whatever takes your fancy!

I’m hoping to take part in both the challenges as a reader, and I especially want to focus on debut authors or authors new to me. There’s so many I haven’t yet discovered. Isn’t that the most fantastic element of where sapphic fiction is these days? I remember my first visit to a bookshop with a lesbian fiction section, back in 1989, and it seemed huge to me, even though it only contained about 200 books. Now look where we are! ❤️

I wish you all a very happy reading year!

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