workplace lesbian romance

Which mistakes can never be fixed? Would you fight for a five-year relationship after your lover’s had a drunken one-night stand? A slow-burn lesbian workplace romance that asks what you’d do when love isn’t always easy, neat, or simple.

The past twelve months have seen Alex and her girlfriend, Terri, slowly drift apart. The awful revelation of Terri’s one drunken night of betrayal shows Alex just how far apart they are. The more they fight, the less Alex even wants to try.

On a business trip to Canada, Alex meets Justine and, over the course of one pivotal evening, a connection is formed that shatters everything Alex thought she knew about herself. Returning to London, she’s faced with choices that will irrevocably change her life.

Now her heart is torn between loyalty to the old and new beginnings in a long-distant relationship.

An uplifting, beautiful novel that has heat, honesty, messy lives, and real-life women.

Available direct from Ylva PublishingAmazon, or from online booksellers worldwide.

Winner, Rainbow Awards 2017, Best Lesbian Contemporary & Erotic Romance