Just imagine them all naked…

I’ve just returned from Lesvos, in the Greek islands, where I attended the second Lesvos Lesfic event run by Ylva Publishing. It was just as much fun as last year, and for me had an additional element in the form of being the lead speaker on a panel discussion. Now, in my day job, I…Read more »

Attack of the guilts!

Remember in my last blog how I was juggling all the different deadlines around editing and writing? So here’s a question – what do you do when all of that has passed and you have a strange thing on your hands called…free time. Like, what the heck is that?! On Sunday I finished writing the last…Read more »

The magic of Lesbos

In June this year, I was lucky enough to spend five days on Lesbos, attending the inaugural Lesvos Lesfic event, organised by Ylva Publishing. This event, which brings together writers, readers, editors, publishing staff and anyone else who has an interest in lesbian and queer fiction, was a huge success. It is already planned to…Read more »