Ever tried juggling? Or spinning plates? If so, you would probably relate to where I’m at right now in my life, trying to balance so many things all at once and hoping to heck none of them crash and break into tiny pieces! I’m rather wishing travel can start up again (safely, of course!) so that I can find myself somewhere like the cover photo I’ve used in this post. A bit of peace and quiet by the sea would be perfect right about now.

It’s definitely been a full-on first six months of 2021, and I’ve only now had time to take a bit of a breath and update you all on what’s been happening in my writing world.

Firstly, we’re still right on schedule for the publication of The Club Revisited in October this year – yay! Here’s the blurb, in case you haven’t caught it yet over on the Ylva website:

Lesbian erotica sizzles in this return to The Club, where the clients watch and make love to each other in the UK’s sexiest women-only nightclub.

Welcome back to The Club. The rules are the same but the players have changed. Mandy still runs her unique The Club Revisitednightclub. These days she’s ready to bring love and passion back into her own life, but finding it? Well, maybe the universe has a sense of humour. Lindsey has come out late in life and is looking for a confidence boost, and a club regular is only too happy to help her out. Caitlin would love to test her limits after being shamed by an ex for her desires. Jody thinks no one will want to be intimate with her again after a tragic accident left her body forever changed. Her best friend Kris has other ideas. Joanna and Suzanne have been together for years. They’re still in love but something’s missing. Maybe The Club can help add some zest to the bedroom? Laura has overcome most of her grief from losing her wife, but wonders if she still has it in her to be intimate with someone.

Whatever they need, they can find. Anonymity, sweetness, sexiness, and unexpected opportunities abound at The Club, as Mandy watches over them all.

Oh my goodness, it was such fun to revisit this place and come up with a whole new bunch of sexy scenarios for you all to enjoy! And of course, I had to continue Mandy’s story – couldn’t leave the poor woman hanging, could I?! I sincerely hope there’s lots of good stuff for those of you who have read The Club to enjoy. But I’ve also worked hard to write this one in a way that new readers will also enjoy too. So if you’re a fan of first-time experiences, or dildos, or oral, or spanking, there should be something for you in this one 😉

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 19.24.29Next, it’s been an amazing year for me with the sales for the German translation of two of my books! Die Liebe wagen (originally Dare to Love) shot straight to #1 on Amazon.de with pre-orders alone! First time that’s happened with any of my books, and it was so thrilling to see. It then promptly stayed at or around that position for weeks. Truly humbled by how many German-speaking people want to read my words, especially as Zu Zweit unter einem Dach (originally Up on the Roof) has also lingered long in the top 30 since it was released before Christmas. Incredible. No news on any future German translations, but let’s see what happens…

Onto works-in-progress. So, you might remember last year I briefly mentioned my next contemporary romance, Chasing Dreams, that was due to be published in 2021. Well, we hit a bit of a delay on that one – all due to the pandemic, of course. It will now be out in March 2022 but I’m deep in the content edit phase, and it’s all on schedule. It was a fun one to write, and I hope the story will appeal. It’s set in a small made-up town in Oregon, USA, called Eagle Cove. Ruby is the town librarian who dreams of opening an animal shelter. Claire is the New York financial whizz who snaps up the Eagle Cove property Ruby’s had her eye on for years. What on earth does a city woman like Claire want with an old ranch in Oregon? How dare she waltz into town and snatch Ruby’s dream away from her? And why does she have to be so damn hot at the same time…? As you can probably tell, it’s an enemies-to-lovers, small-town romance with a ton of chemistry and some fun, barb-filled exchanges between the two MCs. Look out for a cover reveal later this year.

I’m also now about one third of the way in writing my next contemporary romance. Working title is Make Her Wish Come True, and it’s set around Christmas time in a small US city. It features a junior journalist, Abby, trying to get a big break, and a single mom, Erica, who might just be Abby’s way to achieve that.

Last, but by no means least, if you’re a member of the GCLS, you’ll have an opportunity to hear/see me do a live reading in July! As part of the GCLS annual con, I’ve been lucky enough to snag one of the Author Spotlight slots. It’s on July 18th, at 4pm EST. I’ve pretty much chosen my reading already, just need to practice it a few times in front of my girlfriend/the mirror 😬. If you’re not a member of the GCLS, why not join? It’s not hugely expensive, and you get access to all sorts of interesting things, as well as reduced entry for the annual con etc. And one day, who knows, the con might be in-person again! I know they’re definitely hoping to get 2022 back to in-person, with Albuquerque as the host city. I’m hoping to be there, so it would be cool to meet some of you!

Okay, that’s it for now. Stay safe and well, everyone.

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