It’s Audiobook Appreciation Month! I’m a huge fan of audiobooks, have many in my collection, and add to it every month with my Audible subscription. I think the upsurge in sapphic fiction being converted to audio is wonderful, and we are honoured to have some of the best narrators in the business recording our stories.

And on that note, I’ve also got some fantastic news to share: My publisher recently signed contracts with Tantor Audio to bring six (yes, SIX!) more of my books to audio! The titles chosen are: Chasing Dreams, The Club, Dark Horse, Miles Apart, Write Your Own Script, and The Club Revisited.

I’m super excited about all of them and definitely intrigued as to who will narrate each one. I certainly think Miles Apart might be a challenge, given it’s split equally between the UK and Canada. And also, for the sheer variety of characters, both The Club and The Club Revisited. I can’t wait to see what the chosen narrator does with those two 😉😁

Unfortunately I don’t have release dates (or narrators) for any of them yet, but I believe at least Chasing Dreams is scheduled for release in 2022. I will obviously keep you posted!

By the way, if you’re interested in winning audiobooks, you need to head on over to Jae’s website. She’s running a HUGE giveaway this month, that’s free to enter, where you can win one of around 65 sapphic audiobooks. I’ve got 4 of my titles included in that: Up On The Roof, Never Too Late For Heroes, Dare To Love, and A Heart To Trust. Click here to check out how to drop your name in the hat: Jae audiobook giveaway

And finally, an audiobook recommendation from me of all the ones I’ve listened to lately is Curious Wine, by Katherine V. Forrest, narrated by Jill Smith. Curious Wine was the first ever sapphic book I read, over 30 years ago now. It was life-changing, and it’s been a regular re-read for me ever since. As in, probably once per year. So I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard it had an audio version at last. Would the narrator not really ‘speak’ Diana and Lane the way I wanted them spoken, the way I’d always ‘heard’ them? Would she miss all the nuances I’d learned about this book after all this time?

Well, I really needn’t have wasted any time worrying about any of that – the audio version is FANTASTIC. I devoured it over two days (very fast for me for an audiobook) because I literally didn’t want to stop listening. Fabulous acting, inflections, humour, and the love scenes were done with exactly the right combination of tenderness and passion. It’s amazing and I highly recommend!

3 thoughts on “Audiobooks galore!

  1. I have both club books, and not in the script, with two on wish list, must look up dark horse as I havnt seen that on audible lists.
    Personal note, the club needs a book 3, or story about Dee on her lesbian cruise ship.
    Best wishes, Antonia x


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